The Ingestigator: At Thai

I should begin with a confession. This was not the first time I had been to At Thai. In fact I would go so far as to say that I am a regular. And I would hazard a guess that many people that eat at At Thai would too. Because there is something very comforting about doing a sharp turn off the freezing, bustling High St, walking past the “All meal is Halaal sign” and climbing the stairs to be greeted by the eternally friendly staff at the top and have a large bowl of prawn crackers put in front of you.

My dining companions were two very hungry rowers who had spent the day in the rain on the river and looked like they could have eaten the menu. Perhaps not the most discerning critics but a good benchmark for whether this is a good destination for the busy student.

The Stroke ordered a classic Thai Green Chicken Curry (£6.95) with egg-fried rice. He said it was a particularly spicy version of the dish but this did not seem to be a complaint as he practically inhaled it. Seat 5 chose a less waterinducing Chicken Panang (£7.95) a mild creamy curry laced with basil and vegetables.

I thought I would break the curry trend and decided on a Pud Si Lew (6.95), a very simple chicken, vegetable and noodle dish. Arriving after what felt like a matter of minutes, the serving was very generous. My only criticism would be that there were too many noodles in the dish; the chicken and vegetables were slightly lost in all the carbs.

On this visit we didn’t partake in anything alcoholic (the boys were training after all). However At Thai does have a fairly student friendly wine list, and a fairly student friendly policy of letting big groups of students bring their own drinks (warning: this may be a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy).
With the bill coming to less than 10 pounds each, At Thai is a great place for students wanting a quick, cheap, filling meal. It’s not the place for something special but a good choice if you miss hall.

Price: Equivalent to 2 ½ meals in hall
Atmosphere: Elegantly casual
Food: Thai-riffic