Albatross of stolen ducks hangs over police

An Oxford couple have been left stunned after three “much loved” ducks were stolen from their garden.

The pets, of the rare Cayuga breed worth more than £100 each, were taken some time between 1.30 and 2.30pm on 18th December.
The ducks cannot fly so the owners are certain that they were removed from the garden rather than simply wandering off. Moreover, the theft occurred during the recent snowfall so that the culprit’s footprints were left.

Commenting in an Oxford Mail article, the ducks’ owner Jenny Pine said “We know it isn’t a fox, because a fox would eat one and kill the rest and just leave them lying around. We saw footprints in the snow this time and we know they were not ours because we hadn’t been out there.”

The birds’ disappearance has sparked fears amongst other fowl lovers. Members of The Poultry Site expressed fears on the blog for the birds, especially since they went missing so close to Christmas. Mrs Pine has similar worries: “I think they were taken for somebody’s dinner. I would rather somebody came honestly and knocked on our door and explained they were having difficulty feeding themselves or their children.”

Mrs Pine said this was not the first time such an incident had occurred: “We had four beautiful big Aylesbury ducks which disappeared as well.”
In a statement released by Thames Valley Police PC Rebecca Froud said: “I would urge anyone who knows of their whereabouts, or who knows anything about their theft, to come forward and speak to me as soon as possible.”
The Cayuga duck is a particularly distinctive breed decorated with deep green and blue plumage, making it easy to spot.

Anyone with information about the theft is urged to contact PC Froud via the Thames Valley Police helpline on 08458505505 or to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.