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Manos’ Greek
Walton Street

Manos’ is the perfect Jericho joint: delicious food with an exotic twist, and cheeky prices that won’t cause a choke. You’ll find this boutique restaurant and deli a fair way up Walton Street, just across and along from the Phoenix Picture House. The place is small and simple, but honest and focused on its food- something that really shines through. The wide selection of brilliant, fresh Greek dishes is almost too much to choose from: good old classics like vine leaves, meze and kalamari mix with lesser known gems, making this a the perfect place to branch out or satisfy a well-familiar craving.

Try the Spetsofai, wine and pork sausages cooked in a rich peppery, herby sauce, or go for the Arni me Kritharaki, a tender lamb stew with pasta swirls and a full richness of tomato and onion flavours, perfect for those cosy early Hilary nights. Like most dishes, these come too with side servings of salad and houmous, tzatziki or those other favourites whose poor unfresh cousins you’d usually reach for on supermarket shelves.

What’s so great about Manos’ is that the nosh is superb, and main courses never exceed £8- it’s something special, but you won’t wither indulging yourself here again and again. There’s a wide selection of starters and sweets too. Do NOT miss the baklava- yes an obvious choice, but by the gods, this stuff is good! Like everything else at Manos, it’s homemade by the man himself – which has to be the clincher.

Perhaps in large part because of this genuine style, the atmosphere of the place matches perfectly- homely and familiar, staff keen and cheery to let you in on their insider knowledge. Even the music fits, maxxing out the effect: a few glasses of the retsina and the chimes are right for a dance!
When you’re finally gorged, stock up on Greek treats from the deli section- bottles of Mythos (lager) and Ion chocos to take you to sweeter, sunnier days… And there’s the option of a takeaway too- maybe the Papoutsakia, stuffed aubergine stuffed with tomato, rice and feta- really, it’s far too good a reward for the lazy lack of effort! Perhaps a cheeky solution for a veggie dinner guest…If you can’t make those glorious Aegean isles any time soon, check Manos’ out- it’s one solid step on that path to paradise.

Price: Equivalent to 3 meals in hall
Atmosphere: Simple and chilled
Food: Classic Greek
Richard North