Port, Policy and Rock ‘n’ Roll


Oxford University Conservative Association has a new member this week after rockstar Courtney Love attended Port and Policy on Sunday evening.

The Hole lead singer and wife of the late Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain sang the Dad’s Army theme tune and ‘Wonderwall’ ‘unplugged’ on tables in the Union.

According to OUCA President Henry Evans her appearance was a complete surprise: “I got a phone call from the Union about 20 minutes before it was meant to start saying that Miss Love had arrived and she had Winston Churchill’s old cane on her and she wanted to come to OUCA.”

Love spoke at the Union last February, leading Evans to suppose that she was now an honorary member. He said: “She was just using the computers and the house manager noticed she was there.” A spokesperson for the Union said that Love had been present as a guest.

In keeping with her evening of port and policy, Love is thought by the OUCA president to have spent the day at “a shoot, as in a pheasant shoot”.

“I think she just dropped by and heard about it and thought it sounded cool,” he suggested.

Not only has Love joined the society but she was also awarded the title of non-executive officer of rock and roll. “She seemed to be enjoying it so we asked if she wanted to be an honorary member,” said Evans. He admitted, however: “I don’t think she’ll be doing much in the role.”

Evans said the evening had continued in its usually format: “She didn’t take over as it were. The event carried on more or less as it would have done if she wasn’t there.” Love participated in the three policy debates with OUCA members. Evans said: “She spoke in every debate, one of which was about Wikileaks, and she came out in favour of it.”

The OUCA president described her as “very nice indeed… very original”, an assessment that Social Secretary Jim Everett expressed agreement with: “She was rather nice and funny, actually.”

The evening was not quite standard port and policy. Evans conceded: “We wouldn’t have ended up singing the Dad’s Army theme tune or singing ‘Wonderwall’ on the tables if she hadn’t been there.”

Evans was unsure whether the visits would be a regular occurrence, though revealed: “She left some details for her agents and said if she’s in the UK when we’re having our termly dinner then she might come.”

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