Restrictions May Apply


Restrictions May Apply
Keble O Reilly Theatre
4th week 7:30pm

4 stars

Restrictions May Apply by Richard O’Brien (writer of Turn Again Lane and Instead of Beauty; 2010 winner of the OUDS’ New Writing Festival) is the hilarious story of squabbling couple who decide to take a somewhat unorthodox romantic weekend break.
In order to inject a little spontaneity in their dreary relationship, they arrive separately at an old country house B&B, and pretend that they’ve never met. Sadly things don’t go as planned, as Izzie soon loses interest and falls for Irish sleazebag Mel (Ziad Samaha) and Mark discovers his childhood sweetheart Elaine (Loveday Wright) in the hotel reception.
From the outset Restrictions May Apply has a tremendously high gag count and could be described as a wickedly funny cross between Peep Show, Little Britain and a Carry On film. The brilliant comedic conflicts between the terrifically dull dust intolerant Mark, “But Nigel is a sensible name for a dog,” and his nymphomaniac girlfriend Izzie provide lots of laughs. Moreover, Irish sexual predator Mel, played so naturally by the good-looking Ziad Samaha, is pure, hilarious filth. In picking up Izzie’s hand bag he quips, “My my, you do have a lot of junk in your trunk.”
My particular favourite is Lance, played by Rory Fazan, the drooling teenage son of the B&B owner. Portrayed as a cross between Kevin, of Kevin & Perry and Chris Griffin of Family Guy, he amuses with his horrifically bad Goth band, Hellvetica,
“Not like the font, but like hell, as in…hell.”
Interspersed with these dazzling performances, listen out for the side-splitting Goth rock song, performed by Jack Hackett, and the ‘Dust Control’ theme by Mark and Elaine.
All in all, the show is outstandingly cast, strongly written and performed with perfect comic timing. Look out for the fabulously saucy marketing – rather than leaflets you’ll find yourself with a hotel key…to room 69!

Fortuna Burke

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