To wish upon a Deathstarr


So, their band name sounds like what would happen if George Lucas directed a music video for the Beatles. You would expect these guys to be making inept hipster music that relied on kitsch statements, vintage drainpipes and a-symmetric haircuts rather than actual song writing.

Thankfully, this is not the case. We caught up with a jet lagged and sleep deprived Elliot while he was on a quest for light bulbs. “I love England, I love you guys. We keep coming in the winter, though, like when it gets dark at 3pm. There’s always something new to discover, like today I found out screw-in light bulbs aren’t used anymore!”

It seems that the U.K. loves them back, too. Their brand of messy noise pop has been well received in the UK since their debut E.P. in 2007. “I was surprised; I didn’t think it would go so well over here. Back home they think we’re just crappy rip-offs of English music. Over here they seem to think we’re quite good rip-offs!” Well, when you have taken your loud, proud shoegaze sound on tour with The Wedding Present, you know that the British independent music scene is going to embrace you like a long lost brother.

Currently, the group are supporting Dean Wareham of Galaxy 500. “It’s weird, supporting people that you listened to. It’s good to see people like Dean still playing, perhaps even playing more than they used to. They’re getting more attention than they did before Nirvana came along and destroyed everything. I mean, I like Nirvana, but it meant that music like that didn’t get as much attention as it should have done.”

That type of music is definitely getting attention now – 80’s is back and it is big, you simply cannot ignore it. The rejuvenation of the post punk sound has led to incremental success for Ringo Deathstarr. “On our first tour we had minimal press. This time there’s so much more- it really feels like we’ve got somewhere.”  But they still make their own T-shirts.

It seems that the group is fond of making their own merch. The band is planning to make limited edition cassette tapes of the single Imagine Hearts, although apparently that’s not just because they like the retro cache of cassette. “It doesn’t matter what format I buy music on. If there’s music I like I buy it on whatever is easiest for me. If that’s an MP3 then OK, but sometimes I’ll see the cool packaging of a cassette and get that. I even get CDs; my car still has a CD player. The thing is that not everyone has a record player, so I really want to make more cassettes. They’re like collectibles. Maybe we’ll make trading cards or bubblegum or something next. ”

Where is it most fun to play on tour? “Japan. That’s unanimous amongst the band. We were only there for a few days, but it’s like an overload of colour and sound. Our album Colour Trip has just come out there. Can’t wait.” In the UK you don’t have to wait. The album is available now for your auditory pleasure.

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