New Directions – 1st Week


Rehearsal schedule number five and there’s a chance I may have cracked it.Hooray! And despite having had to already cancel my first read-through, I remain optimistic that my hopes and dreams of calm organization may not be scuppered quite yet.

Having arrived for the new term bearing a rag doll which proved much bigger than remembered (and which is currently terrifying my poor, long-suffering housemates), job number one is getting a poster together in order to cover Oxford with images of our lovely cast. Cue my wonderful producer to announce that she knows a graphic designer who is willing to do the job. Well isn’t that useful!

So off we trotted to University Parks with four actors dressed as 1940s schoolchildren and a somewhat bewildered photographer in tow. We frolicked in the April sun, ate cake and generally had a lovely day of collections avoidance which could just about be passed off as hard work. Gosh I love the theatre!

So with a schedule, a publicity plan, a lighting plot, a set design, several copies of the script (and perhaps even a little bit of Wordsworth….maybe……possibly) littering my desk, I’m drowning in a sea of paper. But I’m working on the basis that it must be a good thing. Because vast quantities of lists point toward an organised mind – right? And armed with that, what can possibly go wrong?

Caitlin McMillan, director of Blue Remembered Hills

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