MP wants Christian values in politics

Attorney General Dominic Grieve MP said Christian values should be applied to political issues such as the parliamentary expenses scandal in a sermon at Oriel Chapel on Monday night.

Grieve condemned the aggressive and confrontational language often seen in parliamentary debates: “The language of politics is laced with expressions of intense dislike and ridicule, a state rather far removed from loving one’s neighbour.”

Talking about last year’s expenses scandal, Grieve said: “Since we are told in the Beatitudes that the gate that leads to life is small and the road is narrow, we should not be surprised that the service of Mammon is the primrose-strewn track into which we, as politicians, are most easily diverted.”

Reverend Dr Robert Tobin, the Oriel Chaplain, said: “As a practising Christian in the political realm, Mr Grieve discussed the difficulties of practising Christian values in what is a complex moral environment.”

“Those of us who are Christian ought to be asking ourselves about the nature of forgiveness.”

However, PPE student Adam Tyndall, who was present at the talk, said: “Jesus wasn’t afraid to get angry when those in power abused their positions as MPs were doing with their expenses. Forgiveness is important but anger at abuses of power seems perfectly compatible with Christian life.”

“When the decisions of this government are so disproportionately hitting the most vulnerable in society and public services are being slashed without compassion, some of Mr Grieve’s remarks on Christian ethics were more than a little difficult to stomach.”

Grieve was unavailable for comment.