New Directions – 2nd Week


People of Oxford, I have an announcement. I am in fact not a crazy person. If you see me walking the streets with a rag doll as big as me, it isn’t the start of a horror movie. She’s a prop. Her name is Dinah. And she’s been in the play four times, so she’s quite the veteran.

Anyway, this week saw the start of rehearsals. Read-through went splendidly (I made cookies in a shameless attempt to win the love of my actors), and thespy-type bonding was done by one and all. Which is good, because a mere two days later a good half an hour of rehearsal time was dedicated to working out the best way for one character to push over, sit on and pin to the ground another. So I’m glad they’re all friends.

From a behind-the-scenes point of view, things are starting to get a bit hectic. I’ve had to rather swiftly learn about fire proofing and develop sudden and definite opinions on the superiority of one ladder over about five others. It does, however, turn out that if you get together a team of people who know what they’re doing, things become a lot easier than you thought they would be. Who knew? It’s not all smooth sailing, but with a production manager who knows about things I can’t even pronounce, a producer who has organised things I haven’t even thought of yet and two of the most reliable and enthusiastic marketing elves ever created, the waters here are about as calm as they can be. Now let’s just hope it lasts.

Caitlin McMillan, director of Blue Remembered Hills


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