OxFringe moves

Organisers have moved the Oxfringe festival  to mid-June in order to attract more students.

The event, which has been held previously in March or April, hopes to appeal to Oxford University students and so will now run during term time from the 10th to 26th of June.

The festival will host over 70 acts at venues throughout the city; including music, comedy, poetry and drama.

The programme will also include well known comedian Russell Kane, who will be performing at the Regal in a show entitled “Russell Kane: Edinburgh Warm Up”.

Heather Dunne, the festival director, explained that the organisers had been told that they’d be “mad not to put the festival during term time”, and said: “students have traditionally been great followers of fringe festivals, such as Brighton and Edinburgh, and are great supporters of alternative acts”.

Various student groups will also be performing at the event, including student productions of ‘Tamburlaine’, ‘Vincent River’ and ‘Blood Runs Thicker’.
The choir of Somerville College will also be performing, while Lady Margaret Hall’s Simpkins Lee Theatre will be used as a venue.

While first year law student Charlotte Tarr said “this is one more thing to look forward to in the last few weeks of term”, English student Alex Fisher expressed his disappointment: “I love fringe festivals, but because this one is around the same time as my moderations I’m not going to be able to fully enjoy it”.