Designer Profile – Teatum Jones

London-based designers Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones met while working at John Richardson and, following years of intensive research and planning, launched their debut collection in September 2010. They focus on the anthropology and psychology behind fashion, and describe themselves as being fascinated with the ideas of romance and tragedy. Their first collection (SS 11) was hugely successful, and prompted personal requests from numerous celebrities and fashion icons including Annie Lennox, Florence Welsh and Olivia Palermo. Their second collection (AW 11/12) was similarly successful, and received an overwhelmingly positive reception at its launch in both London and Paris in February and March of this year.

Key Design Features
– effortless drapery
– elegance
– utilitarianism
– the interplay between structure and fluidity
– impeccable tailoring

Musical Equivalent
Warpaint. Or Debussy – according to Teatum and Jones, Clair de Lune is constantly playing in their studio.

High-Street Equivalent

They say…
“[The Teatum Jones woman] has a refined and contemporary take on elegance. She is inadvertently chic yet boldly nonchalant. She is drawn to the label because it allows her to achieve the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. Embodying the effortlessness and ease of the pieces, the Teatum Jones woman embraces the conceptual whilst radiating a contemporary relevance.”

We say…
Accessible, attractive, elegant and hugely appealing, the future looks very bright for Teatum Jones. Keep an eye on this fledgling label. ( -even if it is just to see how they can possibly surpass mixing 17th century Spanish Baroque art motifs and images of microscopic cells in their clothing and making it look good. Not even kidding.)