New Directions – 3rd Week


Ah the timetable. The scourge of every director. And here I am staring at mine and banging my head repeatedly (and somewhat painfully) on my desk. I now feel that I must apologise profusely to every director I’ve had in Oxford for doing more than one play per term. I feel your pain.

So, away from my scheduling frustration, things on the acting front seem to be on track. Having run the whole opening of the play, I’m feeling rather pleased I must say. It looks good. We have, however, reached the stage where I can’t block any more without taking a trek down the Bottley road to the producer’s house and picking up the rather large antique pram which is sitting in her porch, before putting the giant rag doll into it and trotting off to rehearse in Uni Parks. Once again convincing people of my sanity may prove tricky.

On the production side, this week has been super-duper-organising-marketing week. We’re sending letters to schools, finalising posters and all getting far too excited about our launch night (seemingly we don’t get out enough. And now even when we do its play related. Just getting a bit sad now really). Ooo and we have a website. My producer made it and is feeling rather proud of herself, and with good reason. Considering my entire lack of computing skills, the debt of gratitude that I owe to her is pretty high about now. Must buy her a drink.

–Caitlin McMillan, director of Blue Remembered Hills

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