Roving antics – Opening night review


The Rover

New College

3rd week, Weds – Sat 7.30pm, Sat 2.30 pm

Tickets: £8/£6.50

Although the initial assessment of the set-design left a lot to be desired and the chillingly cold weather might have left the audience feeling somewhat disgruntled, soon enough the audience were hooked by the raucous and rampant antics of the Rover and his male comrades. From the moment the band of merry Englishmen entered the stage, they won the audience over with their amusing antics. Jack Powell as the Rover distracted the audience from the cold through his relentless randy behaviour, whilst William Richards’ Belville created an effective contrast in his performance as the noble yet blustering colonel. The perfect casting choice of Jaroslav Fowkes as the Ian Beale-esque Blunt whose susceptibility to the equally well cast Alice Fraser’s feminine wiles as Lucetta, resulting in the latter wandering the streets of Naples in his undergarments added to the already hilarious events. Adorned in black, Frederick Bowerman played up to his role well as the villainous Don Antonio, the one everyone loves to hate; and the Rover met his match in the clever and adventurous Hellena, wonderfully played by Eleanor Hardy. Albeit a few awkward moments – forgotten words and consequent word jumbling, as well as the appropriately comical swordfights and a picture dropping from the wall – which were forgivable on opening night, the cast and crew should congratulate themselves on putting on an entertaining show.

–Phosile Mashinkila

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