New Directions 6th Week

Oh my goodness, the play is next week. How on earth did that happen? OK, Caitlin – breathe……breathe……

This week was our final production meeting (sniff…). Much of it was spent drinking coffee and talking about ice-cream, which I can only see as a good thing with regard to the state of the show.

We also have a schedule for get-in day, which includes a thirty minute period  described as “Caitlin to get teary eyed out of joy or deep distress”. I’m desperately hoping for the former, but either way it’s nice to have designated weeping time. My job on get-in day is, I’m pretty sure, to keep out of the way and nod appreciatively as the technically-competent among my team turn the O’Reilly into the Forest of Dean. Never has a day full of things I don’t understand seemed so exciting.

And following get-in comes tech. rehearsal. The day when actors get bored, techies get annoyed and directors have a tendency to want to kill everything that moves. So that’ll be fun.

In the name of creating pleasant actor/techie relations, we’re organising a sort of crew date for us all the Saturday before we open. Spread the love. Create some bonding moments. Eat lots of pizza. It’ll be lovely.

So here we are. My next diary entry will be coming to you from the other side of play week. It’ll all be finished. I’ll probably still be hung-over. Here’s hoping that the drinking is from joy rather than deep distress. I guess we’ll find out soon.

Caitlin McMillan, director of Blue Remembered Hills