New Directions 7th week

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We did it. We made a play. People came to see it. And I’m not quite sure how we’ve got here, but get out is done and I write this before heading out to the cast party (mostly because I imagine that stringing two words together tomorrow may be quite a challenge).

A great number of thanks are in order. Producer, designer, production manager and techies all have worked absolutely tirelessly this week (thirteen hours of get in led to us to pass out by ten-thirty) and both set and lighting were more than I could have ever hoped.

Not to be ignored are my wonderful actors, every one of whom gave all that they had to keep the immensely challenging energy required for this play going throughout the run. They were sensational all week, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Somehow, the smooth running of the Blue Remembered Hills rehearsal process has continued through play week. We had the least stressful tech rehearsal I’ve ever been involved in, followed by a great dress and an even better run. The big scary “thing that always goes wrong” never materialised. Many deserve credit for this being the case, and I have been very blessed to work with such a talented bunch of people.

So here’s to one more night of thespy fun, before the degree salvaging must begin!

— Caitlin McMillan, director of Blue Remembered Hills