Chillaxing in the JCR


Frances Reed

Are you sitting comfortably? You will be soon if you’re in one of the JCRs splashing out on sofas and other domestic touches.

At least five colleges have all passed motions to refurbish student bars or common rooms – and new lounging spaces are the number one priority.

St Peter’s JCR will spend £4000 buying five Ikea leather sofas and a stack of scatter cushions. A corner sofa was chosen because it was agreed it would “look cool”. The JCR’s recently installed coffee machine also provides a “mean brew” for caffeine-dependent library-goers, according to one finalist.

St John’s JCR coffers are providing for a £750 furniture boost to the bar-extension area, whilst a £5000 refit for the games room is being negotiated with the College. Springier members of the JCR will benefit from a £50 dance mat, proposed because “People need an opportunity to perfect their dance moves in preparation for bops and other such wild nights out”.

Merton ended their last bop with the line, “Sorry guys, the speakers are on fire”. The JCR will pay out £1,700 for a new sound system, selected for its “sheer quality of sound”.

Queen’s JCR has gone one step further, after taking advantage of their large furniture budget provided by College to refurbish their common room.

Mansfield JCR members took chlamydia tests to fundraise £5 each for new sofas. They have also committed to buying a new table-tennis table, since the current one “has been in a state of disarray since Michaelmas”.

St Peter’s JCR President Rob Collier hinted at a trend towards stylish interiors: “I fully support our college bar’s decision to invest in new sofas, and the apparent trend in similar investments across colleges is hardly surprising. Students understand the importance of a snuggle in the bar and JCR: a comfortable sofa is essential for this kind of activity.”

But Worcester College managed to get several free sofas for their JCR during their JCR hustings, leading some students to question why their Colleges hadn’t used similar tactics. Amba Sayal-Bennett, a second year student from Queen’s said: “Obviously I’m delighted about our refurbished facilities…but I think it would have been worth our while trying to get free things like Worcester. Why pay when you can get it for free?”

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