Oxford Graduate Accused in London Riot Court

An Oxford University law graduate was in court on Monday, accused of participating in the London riots.

Fahim Walad Alam was alleged to have thrown bricks at two police officers, as part of a wider mob who attacked the police in Mare Street, Hackney last Monday. Alam graduated from Oxford in 2007, and also holds a Master’s Degree from LSE.

While Alam was arrested at 6.30pm, the clashes on Mare Street lasted almost three hours and were the scene of some of the worst confrontations between police and rioters throughout the London riots. Over 200 riot officers and mounted police were deployed to the scene.

The court heard that Alam had not participated in the riot, and was walking through Mare Street to his grandmother’s house. The court noted that on the same day that he is accused to have participated in the riots, he had earlier attended a job interview for the London Civic Forum.

Styled as a “hub for civic participation in London”, the Forum describes itself as “shocked and saddened by the wave of destruction that has rocked our city and others.”

Local paper The Hackney Gazette described shops smashed and cars burnt out as masked youths ran riot throughout the area. One of the worst hit areas of the riot, Hackney was this morning visited by Boris Johnson, followed by an afternoon visit by Prince Charles.

Mr Alam could not be found for comment.