Jericho sausage restaurant to “go out with a bang”


The Big Bang restaurant, Jericho’s famous sausage eatery, has announced its closure after seven years of lucrative trading.

The restaurant, a popular destination for crew dates, will be demolished to make way for six new shops and extra student accommodation. It is among five independent traders based in Jericho which are set to close due to a steep climb in rent prices.

Others shops expected to close include Bottega, Liscious, CowboyMod Emporium and The Last Bookshop.

Big Bang owner Maxwell Mason blamed the “greed of landlords and colleges” for the restaurant’s closure, lamenting that the economic climate was “too capitalist” to provide further financial support. The Big Bang premises are currently owned by University College, which leases them through a London-based rental company.

Mason also criticized Oxford City Council as “weak” due to what he perceives as a failure to cooperate with small, local businesses.

“Oxford is the most natural theme park in the world,” he said, “throw the doors open and people will come.”

However, when asked if the recent economic crisis had affected business, Mason said the area had been doing “better than ever”. He speculated that a large chain or supermarket may be the next occupier of the premises, citing Jericho’s recent growth in population.

One 2nd year English student was “outraged” by news of the closure.

“It’s a great place to eat, with fantastic, helpful staff. I suppose you could say it was the heart of Jericho, and I’m very sorry to see it go. I think a vast number of students and Jericho residents will certainly feel the same way. Not to mention the fact that it was used all the time for crew dates – Jamal’s must be feeling pretty smug about it.”

Nonetheless, Mason’s restaurant will be “Going out with a bang!” at a Jericho street party planned for Tuesday 23rd August.


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