Power Trip: Rupert Murdoch


Age? 80.

What does he do? What doesn’t he do! As Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, this
Aussie has got his fingers in many pies…and on many dials.

Aussie? I thought he was a Yank? Not by birth. Born in Melbourne, he only gained
American citizenship in 1985.

So wasn’t News Cooperation disbanded over the phone-hacking scandal? No, just
one of its papers, News of the World, which ceased publication on 10th July 2011.

And no one read News of the World anyway. Just 2.9million people.

So what happened? After it emerged that reporters had recorded calls by Milly Dowler
and 7/7 victims, as well as several celebrities, Chief Executive of News International
Rebekah Brooks resigned, even if James Murdoch remains its chairman.

Oh, there’s a mini-Murdoch? Loads. Rupert’s been married three times: since 1999,
to Miss Wendi Deng, before that to Miss Anna Maria Torv, and before that, Miss Patricia
Booker. Four of his six kids are involved in his empire, and reap the financial rewards.
But at least James revoked his £3.7million bonus for this fiscal year.

How very gallant. How much did you say his dad was worth again? £4billion;
according to Forbes, he’s the world’s 117th wealthiest person.

3 digits! Life must be tough outside the top 100. Yes, but 13th most powerful. The
media mogul controls practically all that you watch and read, and has wined and dined
with most world leaders. Forget Big Brother, more like Big Grandfather!

Well I for one have not been ‘Murdochised’. So you haven’t read The Sun, The Times
or The Sunday Times? You haven’t watched The Simpsons, 24, Prison Break, Spooks,
Family Guy, South Park, Glee…

I get the picture. The pictures! Nearly forgot: you have News Corp to thank for Ice Age,
Avatar, Titanic…

Do talk about? Whatever’s on telly, whoever’s in power, Page Three girls.

Don’t talk about? Custard pies, Wendi’s karate skills, his dodgy taste in leisurewear.

Amedea Kelly-Taglianini and Jack Peters

PHOTO/World Economic Forum


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