MCR Naked Calendar Launch

All was revealed at the launch of a naked calendar featuring our very own MCR presidents. In the function room of trendy bar ‘The House’ on Tuesday night, cocktails and champagne celebrated the launch of the fundraising calendar, which was prepared in memory of a graduate student who died over the summer.

Graduates and MCR, along with the odd curious undergrad, filled the room, maybe hoping to catch a glimpse of their student-leaders – and even sometime tutors – in a new light.

Pictures in the calendar showed the presidents doing everything we might expect from Oxford students, including punting, rowing, playing croquet and lounging in a quad – though less typically, they are all in the nude.

The proceeds are to be donated to The Gold Coast Fund, a charity that was set up by last year’s Vice-President at St. Hilda’s College, Kojo Minta, to aid education in West Africa by setting up village-libraries. Minta died while in the south of France this August.

Laura Pereira, then President at Hilda’s, said: “We though this would be a good way of finding a charity that was a really worthwhile cause, and that was really close to our hearts, and we could actually commemorate his memory in this way”.

The idea was initially proposed by Luigi Prada, then President of Queen’s MCR, who passed a motion last term to create the calendar in order to raise awareness about graduates and MCR Presidents’ Committee. “We make up 42% of the University, but it doesn’t feel like it quite often” said Pereira.

“It needed to be done in a very correct way, because there had been stories in the press about naked calendars before and we definitely didn’t want to be put into that category”. In fact, she joked, “it’s actually been a bit awkward trying to sell them to people!” The night was nevertheless successful, with a large turn out and plenty of money raised.