Not your average Joe – The end of the party


The party is over, ‘they’ve burst your little balloon and taken your moon away’ – well maybe not quite, but the fact is all across Britain this week, we are coming to realise it’s time to call it a day. Time to end the old ways, time to stop dawdling, time to get back to work.

For Freshers, your week of fun has come to an abrupt end, and you’ve been thrown into the deep end. For those who can’t swim, good luck.  But still, you have plenty of time to enjoy the fullness of Oxford. It’s only a relative end to your party, a slowdown not cessation. For those like me, on whom the fact of being a finalist has only just dawned, it is well and truly over. It is time to put down the champagne flute, lock away the tea service and surrender the scones. We have to buckle down, man up and take the bull by the horns – goodbye fun, hello reclusion. Maybe slightly hyperbolic, but you see my point. No longer can we push the hard work into the distance, no longer can we live today on the proceeds of tomorrow, we, like the nation, must work through the gloom and redeem our ‘bull-dog spirit’.

The party has quite literally ended for the political parties, as they return from conference season. After weeks of debauchery and licentiousness (corridor crawling galore), they must settle to the daunting task of actual governance. You must ask yourself, how can the governing elite criticise “binge Britain” after their behaviour this week? From Keith Vaz on the dance-floor, to the almost record amount of alcohol consumed at the Midlands, they’re hardly the role models we need.

For the nation, the truth has finally dawned – we cannot spend our way out of a debt crisis, we cannot live today off the hopes and dreams of tomorrow’s generations. The party, built on easy credit and consumption, must come to a close. This is not an end of fun, but a realisation that we must work hard if we seek to play at all.  But we can do it, we must pull together. As the Prime Minister beautifully put it, rediscover our ‘can do attitude’, our unquestioning resolve and innovative spirit – the spirit of John Bull, of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

Then again, perhaps it’s not quite time to wind up the Masquerade – there is always tomorrow…

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