No pyjamas at Teddy Bear picnic


Teddy Hall students were disgruntled last week by the reinforcement of a “No PJs” ban in halls.

Following a fire alarm, taking place at what one student called a “monstrous, ungodly hour” students trampled into breakfast, only to be reprimanded by college authorities.

Shortly afterwards, Teddy Hall’s Vice President James Duffell wrote to undergraduates: “The college have asked all students to not wear [pyjamas], because there are sometimes conference guests who come to breakfast during term. If it continues then you won’t be able to get breakfast until you’ve got changed. “

Although the pyjamas ban has been in place for some years, students are nonetheless disgruntled about the restrictions on their morning attire. One former Teddy Hall English student said: “I actually really regret the fact that I wasn’t allowed to lounge around in my pyjamas, especially before breakfast. It’s a shame this ban on pyjamas isn’t going to be lifted anytime soon.”

“It’s an outrage,” a 2nd year lawyer added, “they make us dress up in ridiculous gown, so why can’t I get my fill?”

Teddy JCR President Joshua Coulson said: “Teddy Hall rightly prides itself in maintaining a high level of decorum at all times, and pyjamas at mealtimes have been seen to undermine this high expectation. I, myself, have never entertained the thought of dining in pyjamas.”

“There has also been a discussion about the distinction between golf trousers and patterned pyjamas, although this has been handled amicably by all parties involved,” he added.


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