JW ad and Oxford: Spot the difference

Jack Wills have released an Autumn advertising campaign set in and around Oxford University. The campaign features shots of models frolicking around the Radcliffe Camera and Balliol College library, emulating the daily lives of students. In a promotional video models browse through library books whilst smiling constantly, play with an umbrella and perform frisky activities in a punt. Models are seen embracing amorously throughout.

A second year history & economics student said he thought the advertisements were “misleading, especially the use of models. People have to realise that even Oxford is not perfect; it doesn’t help the image that we’re all posh twats”.

But Sam Rabinowitz, a student at Balliol said: “This, for me, is a natural fusion of two of Britain’s best loved institutions. Jack Wills (est. 1999) as a brand represents history, heritage and effortless class. But even more importantly, as ‘University Outfitters’ par excellence, they have shown that they are completely in touch with Oxford students.”

‘The extent to which the new promotional video captures the essence of student life here is uncanny, and I think that Oxford is finally getting the exposure it needs to inspire the masses to more critical thought. Why eat food with a knife and fork when you could just throw it in the air for you or a friend to catch? Why use an umbrella to shield against the rain when you could just play with it? Why buy a whole pack of cards when, in reality, only one will suf- fice for any purpose? Questions we solved long ago are now being thrown out for public contemplation, and we’d like to thank Jack Wills for this conscientious educational drive.”

Despite this, another Balliol student was left unimpressed: “Balliol College rejected a Jack Wills sponsorship deal for the rugby team because they felt like we’d be selling out. This would have saved college a couple of grand each year. Just weeks after rejecting this, college let Jack Wills do a modelling shoot in our library during 9th week (presumably college got paid for this) when many first years were revising before prelims/mods.’

Other students disagreed. Second year Carmella Crinnion said: ‘The advert makes me proud to be a part of Oxford. A staggeringly sublime testament to the awesomeness that is Jack Wills and blind conformity, it was outstanding and awesome in equal measure. Haters gonna hate, but I’m with Wills all the way.’

3rd year Maths student Jack Cox said: “OMG, this advertising campaign is increds. It speaks to me on so many levels. I love it even more than my fave Gilet. Still can’t believe there were real life Wills models in my college. This is like the best day ever. The adverts are just so realistic. It’s literally like they’ve taken an average day in my life at Oxford and got some JW models to act it out!”