Beauty Trend of the Week – Ponytails


Formerly the schoolgirl’s hairstyle of choice, the ponytail is experiencing a reinvention. From the sleek knots seen at Ygal Azrouel to Vanessa Bruno’s crimped Audrey Hepburn-esque double ponytail at Vanessa Bruno to the slick styles on the Christopher Kane runway, there’s a type of ponytail to suit every occasion and every mood.


The list of designers making use of this trend this season is pretty endless, including Vera Wang, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, David Coma, House of Holland and Louise Gray among others.


Wear this however you like – there’s a style for everyone. For puritan minimalism you’re going to want a middle parting, slicked back hair and a low ponytail; for a sportier look try high and bouncy; if you prefer the preppy style accessorise with velvet hairbands and a subtle curl; to make a dramatic evening statement experiment with quiffs and backcombing. Ponytails can be utilitarian or frivolous, androgynous or girly – the only rule with this trend is to avoid scrunchies like the plague. (No, seriously. There’s not a scrunchy in existence which is even slightly acceptable.)


For all possible situations (just in case!)…

– kirby grips/bobby pins/grips, whatever you want to call them
– a comb (for backcombing and for slicking)
– curlers or straighteners
– hair gel, if you’re going for a sleeker (Pro tip: steal this from your male best friend. Think of it as doing him a favour. The over-gelled look isn’t good on anyone.)
– hairspray
– hairbands, but not the ones with the metal fasteners as they can damage your hair
– dry shampoo (you should have this already, and if you don’t you’re missing out on at least 20 minutes of extra lie-in)
– ribbons, bows, embellished clips…


Because there are times when you’ve missed your alarm, have a tute in 20 minutes and need to convince yourself that your greasy ponytail was actually inspired by Christopher Kane. Because ponytails can look cute, or smart, or dramatic, or sporty. Because you can go as high- or low-maintenance as you want. Because there’s a style for everyone. And because you’ve got a whole lot of penance to do for the scrunchies you wore as a child.