Hugh’s cease-fire over formal

St Hugh’s JCR have voted to suspend their boycott of formal hall after a compromise was reached with the college administration.

The compromise, approved during the meeting on Sunday, ensures that any individual who finishes their wine will be able to purchase additional glasses from hall staff.

For non-drinkers, there will now be two different prices on ticket on offer- ensuring that those who don’t drink alcohol will not pay a higher price for wine or fruit punch they won’t consume.

The JCR Committee will also now be able to purchase cheap wine for formal hall, reducing costs for students.

The compromise follows the college’s attempt to remodel formal hall earlier this term. The changes sought to ban students from bringing their own wine to formal hall, with a maximum of 2 glasses of wine or fruit punch to be provided by hall staff. Consequently, the cost of formal hall was to rise from £7.25 to £10.40, provoking outrage among students.

A formal hall ticket for those who don’t drink alcohol will now remain at the original hall price of £7.25.

JCR President Victor Greenstreet said: “whilst the compromise system is not perfect, it is an important step forward. I believe that, by returning to formal and demonstrating we can be trusted to behave responsibly, it will be easier for me to make a case for a full return to the bring-your-own system when the scheduled review happens at the end of the term.”

However, the suspension of the boycott will only be a temporary measure:  the motion made clear that the boycott “will be automatically reinstated at the start of Hilary term 2012, unless a vote in a JCR meeting at the start of the term decides to remove the policy permanently.”

The JCR also resolved “to continue to mandate the JCR committee to push for a full return to bring-your-own-wine, including by making a submission to the scheduled review at the end of the term.”

The college dean refused to comment.