FMD: F**k My Degree

We’ve all had those moments: you realise you’ve been doing the same repetitive movement for hours and it’s not going anywhere. Only it involves a basin not a bedroom, and the only person getting excited is your tutor. You’ve spent four hours sifting sand grains by hand. Fuck your degree.
Whether it’s the fact that your degree ranks the lowest in the graduate salary tables (English), that you spend more time touching dead people than you do living (Medicine) or that your last practical involved making bubbles into patterns with Fairy Liquid (Materials Science), we want to hear your degree-related fails.
We’re shamelessly lifting the format of the depressingly relevant site, so send in your FMD’s in the similar style: ‘Today, I realised that I see more of my friends in the library than I do on a night out. FMD’.
Email your submissions to [email protected] or tweet @OxStuFeatures.
Madeleine Maxwell-Libby