Beauty Trend of the Week – Reverse Manicures



So I’m guessing you know what a French manicure looks like? Imagine it with bright colours and reversed patterns, and you’ll have one of the biggest trends of the past year – the reverse manicure.

One of the most appealing features of the reverse manicure is its versatility. If you’re feeling bold you can go with a striking combination; if you’re feeling dramatic you can use glitter, metallic shades or a Crackle polish or some sort; if you’re feeling demure you can just reverse the colours of a typical French manicure for a subtle twist on the style.


Dita von Teese, Rihanna, the designers Thakoon and Threeasfour and Megan Fox, to name a few.


You’re going to need:
. a steady hand
. a good base coat
. a main colour (for the main part of the nail)
. a secondary colour (for the tip and half-moon at the base of the nail) – nail polishes with thin brushes are a lot easier to apply, but normal nail polishes work almost as well
. cotton buds and nail polish remover, just in case everything goes wrong
. a top coat

You’re going to

1. file and buff your nails as usual

2. gently push your cuticles back

3. paint your nails with a layer of base coat; try and make this as smooth as possible

4. wait at least 5 minutes for this to dry

5. paint the whole of your nails with your main colour

6. wait at least 10 minutes for this to dry

7. repeat steps 5. and 6. as many times as you need to to create a block, opaque colour

8. paint the very tips of your nails with your secondary colour; don’t create too thick a line though because this can spoil the whole French manicure look you want to achieve

9. optional step: paint the half-moon area at the base of your nails with your secondary colour (this is where having a super-thin brush comes in handy!)

10. wait at least 10 minutes for this to dry

11. paint your nails with a layer of top coat to seal everything in

12. wait at least 10 minutes for this to dry

(not going to lie, this trend is excellent as a procrastination method because it takes at least half an hour to complete – no need to thank me)


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