Quickfire:@ FuckOxbridge

When you hear the word “Oxford”, what images does it conjure?

A myriad of many different things but tradition and detached come immediately to mind.

Have you met students from Oxford or Cambridge and if so, did they match the common stereotypes?

I have met alumni who both embrace and defy the stereotype, but the attributes of conceit and condescension are present across a wide spectrum of every class and demographic.

What do you think is the fundamental problem with our educational system?

In short, economic inequality. Irrespective of my idealism (or cynicism, take your pick) I am conscious this will never be reversed or improved in this current socio-economic context.

What made you choose your twitter username?

Bad judgment and ill temper but additionally, deeply-embedded anger that the near entire sum of our politicians and cultural figureheads come from a small, homogeneous pool —  I believe this highly distorts Westminster’s ability to view problems through the prism of the everyman/everywoman as well as creating cheer leading cultural hegemony in our media institutions such as, but not limited to, the BBC that stifles transgression, innovation and creativity too.

Where you surprised when we contacted you for an interview?

Highly surprised, I never anticipated this. Thank you for the opportunity.

From the Twitter account of this self-professed “uneducated cretin”…

  • “Despite our aspirations and hubris, we are all working class…”
  • “Retweet this if you’re sick of Oxbridge alumni holding a cultural, socio-political monopoly, in parliament and television”