Big Bang pops up again


Students were left distraught, and crew dates left with no where to go, when Big Bang closed over the summer. Now the high-quality bangers and mash restaurant is back with a pop-up premises in Brookes: but get there soon, because it’s on the move.

After 7 years in Jericho, the Big Bang, which closed last August, has returned to Oxford as part of the Brookes Restaurant complex in Headington.

Owner and founder Maxwell Mason said. “I’m trying to develop something of the interest that pop-up has in London with the Big Bang in Oxford. It’s such an easy thing to move that what I’d love to do is just keep moving it”

The pop-up premise opened informally on the 3rd of November, and is aiming to be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

When asked about how long it was likely to stay in Brookes, Mason said, “I have no idea how long we’ll be there. It may be a week; it may be a month,”

He continued, “In all honesty in this economy I am not keen to take a tenancy on somewhere. The more money I can save on not paying rent the more money I can pass on to customers and make it cheaper for them to dine.”

Mason addressed this situation of constant movement: “Oxford is such an expensive town to set up in that combining the excitement of pop-up with not having to pay rent and business rates means that it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

He also expressed his willingness to try out any locations on offer;  “If there are any JCRS, or Common rooms, or anything around Oxford that has catering equipment that would like to have a big bang within them then I would encourage them to get in touch.”

Mason believes that the key to keeping the big bang business going is through social media, and has set up a big band pop-up twitter account as well as encouraging people via his website to sign up for the “Secret Sausage Club” that will give clients privileged information about later pop-ups and special events.

The reaction to the news of the re-opening was generally well received by students with third year Wadham student Max Golding saying, “I think it’s great news. It adds to the variety of places to go on crew-dates and socials, which should mean more people will get to avoid the Jamal’s experience”

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