Online Pick of the Week 5: Summer Camp

Summer Camp are London duo Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey. The pair first came to the fore two years ago and with their abundance of simple melodies, funky synths and multiple overlaid vocals were quickly aligned with the chillwave movement.

Their debut album ‘Welcome To Condale’ has been a long time coming but does not disappoint. A sort of concept album about bored and moany, love-struck teenagers in the wealthy L.A. town of Condale, it could easily be the soundtrack for a brat-pack film. Indeed quotes from different ‘80s movies and TV shows are placed at the beginning of a few songs, including dialogue from that Anthony Michael Hall corker Weird Science. Their unashamed adulation of the 80s (to top it off the last song is entitled 1988) is complemented by crisp production and urgent, modern bass lines. 

Despite heavily exhibiting their influences, Summer Camp manage to create a sound that is utterly their own (kitsch-synth?). Below is a link for one of the album’s standout tracks, the manically synthy expression of teen frustration, I Want You.

Summer Camp are performing at the Jericho Tavern on Tuesday 15th November, so catch ‘em if you can. 

I Want You by Summer Camp