Three hour Teddy toilet trap


Samuel Cheam

Teddy Hall porters were forced to “get the physical with the hardware” this week after one student was trapped in a toilet for over three hours.

The Teddy finalist, who wishes to remain anonymous, had been trying to do some early morning revision, when she found herself unexpectedly delayed: after closing and locking the toilet door, the lock jammed.

“Because it was so early in the morning I didn’t have my phone with me and since it was en suite no one else was going to be waiting to use the toilet,” said the student, “So I figured I’d just wait for my scout to come. But after waiting for an hour or so I realised she probably wasn’t going to be there soon.”

The trapped student decided to try to raise hell to get attention. Despite kicking the door and shouting for help, she had to wait for more than an hour before somebody finally heard her cries for help.

But even then the wait wasn’t over. When her good samaritan finally contacted the locksmith to come down it took almost half an hour for the entire handle and lock to be removed from the door before the beleagured student was finally freed.

In total, she spent about three and half hours of the morning locked in the lavatory.

“The whole time I was just thinking, crap, getting stuck in your toilet is really stupid.” explained the student, “The lock is replaced now but I just can’t bring myself to turn the latch anymore.”

A porter remarked that while being imprisoned in the toilet is not a common occurence in Teddy Hall, it did happen once almost a full decade ago. His advice for students stuck in the toilet? “If you’ve tried calling friends and getting people’s attention but that still doesn’t work then it seems reasonable to get physical with the hardware.”

Perhaps the best advice comes from another Teddy Hall student, who, in his own words, “has been there many times”: “The important thing is to keep calm and not panic. Try taking deep breaths. If you’ve flushed, that is.”

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