Not your average Joe: the inside story on the OUCA scandal

Still standing for what I believe, still fighting for a worthy cause. This week OUCA returned to its raucous debauchery, unwilling to reform, a cancer to the Conservative cause.  I have been a committed Conservative since the age of 14, and remain resolute in my convictions – I will not allow the antics of a few fanatics to damage my belief or the justice of our national cause. An association, so far from the national norm, cannot be allowed to impact on the national consensus. However, as a training ground of future leaders this ingrained culture has serious side, and reveals dangerous undercurrents which must be dealt with. We cannot idly stand by and allow such buffoonery to go unchallenged.

A culture of debauchery has become commonplace, drinking has replaced politics and campaigning resigned to the dustbin of history.  Like all true Conservatives the antics of the past weeks have appalled me to the core. My resignation is principally a moral decision, a decision required by my values, a decision determined by my Conservatism. To maintain my integrity I had to stand for my beliefs, no matter what certain forces within the party may now do. I shall stand firm.

For a short while the torch of progressivism burned brightly, reforms launched and true cultural changes expected. This progressive flicker was snuffed out, and reactionary forces came to reign. I present a challenge to my peers in OULD and OULC, join me in ensuring we act united, and together make a stance to banish such behaviour from the University.  The university must investigate vigorously, and bring the Association into account.

At the end of all this, however, it is vital to understand that this stands against all the Conservative party have worked for. It strikes to the heart of David Cameron’s reforms, and the need to broaden the appeal of the party. OUCA is not the Conservative party, it is an aberration. That is why I stand here today, not part of OUCA, but blue to the core. Resignation has only strengthened by appetite to push forward with my convictions; it’s time to get serious.