Gaffes: the good, the bad and Prince Philip’s


Mindblanks – we all have them. For us, however, the worst it gets is a forgotten punchline or name in front of a few friends. There’s no risk of embarrassing ourselves (or other people) in front of millions. Safe in that knowledge, sit back and enjoy a healthy dollop of schadenfreude in the bluster, awkward silences and ill-advised comments of these unlucky individuals.

Senator Rick Perry, prospective Presidential candidate for the Republican party, got a chronic case live on national television. If it’s any consolation, Rick, you’re not the first; politicians have been bumbling their way through speeches since time immemorial…

When you think of American politics, Vice President Dan Quayle probably isn’t the first name that springs to mind. When you think American political gaffes, however, he’s right at the top of the pile. The quality’s not great but the first one of this compilation is the classic.

Next up is the big cheese himself, Barack Obama, who claims to have visited an awful lot of states. A tour like that’s going to take him, what, all 412 days of the year?

George Bush Sr. revealed more than he intended about his time alongside Ronald Reagan on national television in 1988. TMI, George. TMI. Let’s hope your son fairs better when he gets a go at being President…

Poor Osama. I mean Obama. See if you can spot the Freudian slip in this one when the then Senator was asked a question at the Associated Press’ annual lunch.

On the other side of the Atlantic, here’s a lesson from Gordon Brown in how not to win an election. 4:42 for the main event.

Here’s our current leader coming very unstuck in an interview with Gay Times. He even asks to start the interview again from scratch!

I was going to end this with a George W Bush compilation but that’d be too easy. When it comes to public gaffes, the Brits do it best. Take it away, Prince Philip. Ninety gaffes in ninety years. Numbers 3 and 78 are my favourites.

Can you think of one we’ve missed? What’s your favourite of Prince Phillip’s blunders? Post in the comments below.

Dom Gilchrist



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