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We went door knocking in Cowley to see how many victims of bicycle theft we could find. On the way, we bumped into Environmental Enforcement Officer Tony Nanton who says: “I’d guess the only people nicking bikes would be students nicking other students’ bikes”. Who knows, Tony? What’s certain is that keeping your bike inside is the best way to keep it safe. Streets further away from a main road have more thefts but their residents also seem particularly prone to leaving bicycles in idiotic places. Draw your own conclusions from our spread in this week’s paper.

Those who didn’t have their bicycle stolen advised the following:

• “Keep your bike inside. I’ve had 10 bikes since living here and none have been nicked.”

• “I’m a Brookes student so naturally I have a car.”

• “I keep my bike covered and in the back garden. No theft as of yet.”

• “I own a shit bike that nobody wants to steal.”

We also asked your porters how many thefts have been reported to them:

• St Anne’s: Usually 2 per year, 2 so far this term.

• Somerville: 7 in 2010, 4 so far this term.

• Jesus: 3-4 per term.

• Exeter: 4 per term.

• Hertford: 4-5 per term.

• Balliol: 2-4 per term.

• Wadham: 3 so far this term.

• LMH: Usually 2 per term, 3 so far this term.

• St. Hilda’s: 5 last years, 1 so far this term.

Jack Hutchison and Madeleine Maxwell-Libby

Additional reporting by Georgia Luscombe

PHOTO/General Wesc

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