Wadham up the flagpole


Wadham’s Queerweek kicked off on Monday with the running up of the Gay Pride colours on the college flagpole.

The College’s celebration of LGBTQ history and culture will consist of talks and socials, culminating in the flamboyant Queerfest rave this Saturday.

LGBTQ rep Michael Brooks said “Wadham becomes completely queer for the week. It’s been a recent tradition for the lights in the front quad to be covered with a pink filter and this year we have organised for the LGBT rainbow flag to fly over Wadham all week.”

Wadham’s heritage of supporting gay rights has historical roots – former Warden Robert Thistlethwayte, fled England in 1739 after a homosexual scandal:

“There once was a Warden of Wadham

Who approved the folkways of Sodom,

For a man might, he said,

Have a very poor head

But be a fine Fellow at bottom.”