POSH is a riot!

Posh is a play by award-winning playwright Laura Wade, that depicts the activities of an exclusive student dining club, the Riot Club. With frequent references to all that is going on in Oxford and clearly modelled on the Bullingdon club, it’s as if Dave and Boris are strolling around on the stage.

The Riot Club, whose motto is to ‘get f**ked and f**k stuff up, mate’ are plotting a coup d’état in the oak-panelled surroundings of their dining-club, accompanied with a healthy dose of laddish ‘banter’ and washed down with a pretentiously good wine, in order to succeed in their mission of becoming ‘châteaued beyond belief’.

Satirical and funny, it’s easy to believe that the plot and dialogue are true to life. The characters are well-observed and the actors succeed in bringing their Posh counterparts to life, strolling around their club as if they own the world… or at least own the dining-room of the Bull’s Head Inn in Kingsbury. They call each other chaps, take themselves too seriously, pick their members up by making a speech in Latin, and generally espouse the worst parts of the Oxford/Brideshead stereotype. The play is a very entertaining glimpse into the daily lives of this privileged group and is witty from start to finish.

Performed in the sumptuous surroundings of the Oxford Union building, the setting ties in well with the Posh plot.

-Rebecca Loxton