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Join The Oxford Student for Trinity ’12

We’re looking for enthusiastic writers, photographers and graphic designers to join the paper in Trinity Term 2012. Working for the OxStu is a good way to gain experience, and even work with national newspapers – current staff have completed work experience with The Sunday Times, the Daily Mail, The Sun, the Independent, The Guardian and Glamour magazine and former staff now have jobs on The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times.

Join the fun and watch your work go out to thousands of Oxford readers.


We are recruiting for all sections: News, Comment, Features, Music, Drama, Film, Culture, Fashion, Sport, Photography & Digital Content.

We will be hiring section editors, deputy section editors, news reporters, staff writers, copy editors, online staff, design staff, photographers and videographers.

Details of these positions are below:

Section Editors

As a section editor, you get to decide what goes into The Oxford Student: you pick articles, conduct interviews, meet contributors, design pages – and, of course, write. Experience isn’t necessary, as we’ll provide extensive training in each of the skills you’ll require, principally Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Deputy Section Editors

As deputy section editor, you assist the section editors in organising copy for the paper and designing pages, and act as the principal organiser for the section’s online content. It is a good prior step to the section editor role, without the same time committment.

Staff Writers

This role is perfect if writing is what you’re interested in, or if you want to test the waters before making a bigger time committment. You can conduct interviews and write on topics of your choice – or meet commissions from our section editors. If you want to be a food columnist, reviewer, sports reporter or anything else beside, this is a great way to increase (or begin) your portfolio of published articles.

Copy Editors

Every word in the newspaper is checked and rechecked before going to print. This is a great way to gain editing skills, have a hand in making the paper and enjoy the office atmosphere as we approach deadline.

News Reporters

As part of our news team, you’ll gain two immensely valuable skills: how to find out what is happening around you and how to explain it as simply and as clearly as possible. Apply if you have a passion for journalism and want to work with other people who do too.

Multimedia Editor

As multimedia editor, you will be in charge of photography and other imagery in the paper, as well as take plenty of photos yourself and come up with original ideas to illustrate articles. You will need to liaise with section editors to make sure they have pictures for their pages, and help them out if they are struggling for ideas. This is an important role which requires good managerial capabilities, a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and good photographic skills.

Online Staff

If you have experience with web design, we want to hear from you. We are expanding our online and multimedia operations, and this is a great opportunity to gain experience in cross-platform media work.

Design and Photography

If you’re a photographer, or if you have experience with illustration, Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, join us and challenge yourself as you produce work that is published every week.

Digital Content Staff

The digital content team makes videos, podcasts and slideshows for the OxStu website. Take photos for the slideshows, record audio tracks, edit video footage — or get involved with all three. New ideas and creativity welcome. Prior experience is preferable but not necessary.


Simply download and complete the relevant form, and email it to [email protected] with ‘[Section] [Position] Application’ as the subject header (e.g. ‘Comment deputy section editor application’).

For Section Editor positions: Download (Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document)

For Deputy Section Editor positions: Download (Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document)

For Staff Writer or News Reporter positions: Download (Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document)

For Photography/videography positions: Download (Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document)

For Illustrator positions: Download (Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document)

If you would like to sub-edit the paper or have a specific article you would like to write, please email us to express interest, and outline any experience you may have.

Deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday of 8th week (4rd March 2012).

Good luck, and thanks for your interest.


The Oxford Student


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