Beauty Trend of the Week – Smoky Eyes (with added festive sparkle!)


It’s with a heavy heart that I write the final Beauty Trend of the Week of this term – although this pathos is offset by the excitement about it being only a week until Varsity and the anxiety about whether ‘smoky’ is in fact spelled ‘smoky’ or ‘smokey’. Answers on a postcard.

So to tie in with the festive nature of weeks 7 and 8, I decided to focus on the ultimate party season make-up look: the smoky eye. Get it wrong and you look like you’ve been the victim of one too many essay crises (or one too many messy late nights at Camera). Get it right and you look amazing. Let’s hope you take my advice and go with the latter.


1. Prepare your eye with something like Urban Decay’s Eye Primer Potion. I was sceptical of this at first until I tried it out (it came free with a set of eyeshadows, and I’m a sucker for freebies – no shame!), and it actually makes a big difference to how long your eye makeup stays on. You don’t need to use a lot of primer, just enough to lightly cover the area from the upper lash line up to your eyebrow.

2. Apply a cream or nude base colour all over your upper lid, right up to the brow bone.

3. This is where the first bit of festive sparkle comes in! Sweep either gold or silver shimmery eyeshadow across the area directly below the outer part of your eyebrows. Don’t go over the top – this is just a highlight, and if you’re not a fan of sparkle you can just skip this step.

4. Apply either white eyeshadow or the shimmer colour you’ve just used to the very inner corner of your eyes (right by the tear ducts – but don’t get any in your actual eyes, it hurts. I know this from experience.)

5. Apply light grey eyeshadow to the inner quarter of your eyes, just after where you’ve put the white or shimmer colour.

6. Sweep a darker grey eyeshadow onto the rest of your eyelid, going slightly above the crease of your eyelid (but not up to your browbone!).

7. Apply a light dusting of black eyeshadow in your actual crease and blend it in with an eyeshadow brush or your fingers in a gentle windscreen-wiper movement.

8. Second bit of festive sparkle! Get that shimmery colour out again and apply it to the outer corners of your eyes. Go as dramatic or as subtle as you want.

9. Get a clean eyeshadow brush and blend until there are no harsh lines or obvious joins between the colours you’ve applied – just don’t go so far that you can’t actually distinguish between the colours. It sounds tricky but this is actually one of the easiest steps, you just have to trust your judgement.

10. Apply a thin line of liquid or pencil eyeliner to your top lid (and pencil eyeliner to your bottom if it doesn’t make your eyes look tiny, which is the effect it has on me!) – if you used pencil liner you can either smudge it out or keep it neat, your choice.

11. Wait for the liner to dry – this takes about a minute for me, but it may vary between brands and skin types.

12. Curl your eyelashes – clamp the eyelash curler down for 5 seconds at the root, then 5 seconds half-way down the lash, then three-quarters of the way down the lash, near the tip.

13. Apply a layer of mascara; wait around 30 seconds then apply another layer.

14. Congratulate yourself and feel smug in the knowledge you’ve perfected the smoky eye look.

So let’s hope by the end of that you look like an absolute goddess, and not a bleary-eyed panda. Best of luck with this look, have an awesome time at any parties you may be going to and enjoy the holidays – see you on the other side!


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