New Year’s Honours List round-up

Four Oxford academics have been decorated in this year’s prestigious honours list.

The New Year’s honours list, published on the 31st December, honoured 984 people in recognition of remarkable achievements in a range of fields.

Professor of Poetry, Geoffrey Hill, and Professor of the History of the Church, Diarmaid MacCulloch both received knighthoods.

Other Oxonians on the list include Chair of Electrical Engineering, Professor Lionel Tarassenko and Professor of Social Policy, Robert Walker as well as a number of alumni and honorary fellows.

Professor Hill and Penelope Lively are widely considered to be two of Britain’s most accomplished literary figures, though Lively has the unusual distinction of being recognised for her work on children’s literature, as well as her work for adults.

Professor Hill is the author of numerous celebrated collections of poetry such as Mercian Hymns and Without Title. He was elected as Professor of Poetry in 2010 in a landslide election after winning the Truman Capote Award for Literary Criticism the previous year. The knighthood, in recognition for services to literature, is his first British honor.