Pembroke Thieves Caught on Camera

CCTV photos showing the theft of a Teddy Hall sign by a band of marauding Pembroke carol singers were released by University authorities this week.

On Thursday of 8th week of Michaelmas term, a large group of Pembroke College students went to various colleges to sing Christmas carols. Among the colleges visited was Teddy Hall, where a male member of the carolling group, wearing a checked jacket, was witnessed on CCTV taking the “College Closed” sign from the college. The sign was not returned.

Last Friday, the Dean of Pembroke College, Dr Raphael Hauser, sent out an e-mail asking for anyone with further information to come forward so that the sign could be returned to Teddy Hall. He stated that “it was never a particularly imaginative or funny prank to begin with” and that “it is time to return the goods now.”

One Pembroke College second year said that “I didn’t actually know about this until we received the e-mail from the Dean … to be honest I think it really was just a prank and College are dealing with it, so hopefully Teddy Hall will get their sign back…” Another student said “it must be pretty embarrassing for the guy as he got caught on CCTV!”

Most Teddy Hall students did not realise that the sign was missing, nor that it had been stolen. However, one third year claimed “New College also has one of our signs… maybe we should reclaim it?”

The weekend night porter had not heard about this particular incident but he said that during his time at Teddy Hall, the taking of signs or posts from the College was “not infrequent”.

Dr Raphael Hauser commented that “the incident concerned a prank, and the issue has now been resolved. “