DPhil attends Davos

Linacre postgraduate Niel Bowerman and fellow Oxford student Tyler Spen- cer were amongst 70 people under 30 selected to attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos last week.

This was the first time that young people were invited to the World Economic Forum.

Both students were named “Global Shapers” by the World Economic Fo- rum alongside a few hundred young people from around the world.

They shared the stage with Nobel- prize winner Mohammed Yunus and World Economic Forum chief Klaus Schwab during a closing plenary session.

“For the first time, young people were invited in to challenge and agitate the world’s elites in Davos. Our closing plenary session was our chance to share our vision of the world in 2050,” said Bowerman.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase the dreams and ambitions of young people to the world’s decision-makers in Davos”.

Studying for a DPhil in Climate Science, Bowerman was picked as a result of “his leadership capabilities, demonstrated successes, and commitment to make a positive contribution” according to the Global Shapers Community (GSC) and also for his work with NGO Giving What We Can.

Tyler was nominated in part for his work founding The Grassroots Project, which works with athletes to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS among school children in Washington DC.

The theme of the meeting was “The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models”, and all invitees, chosen from a wide range of backgrounds, were picked owing to their “demonstrated potential for future leadership and their drive to improve the world around them”, the GSC said in a statement. Bowerman had expressed his excitement at having been invited, saying: “Being invited to the World Economic forum is an incredible opportunity. Through the Global Shapers Community I’ll have the chance to address some of the world’s most influential people – the likes of Bill Gates and Angela Merkel.”

In reference to his role as External Relations Director at Giving What We Can, he added: “The world will be watching, so it’s really important I spread our message: that you can save 1000s of times as many lives by donating to some charities over others.”