In Defence of Stuart Pearce


The press are often given the blame for the England football team’s failures. They’re accused of raising the hopes of a nation, piling pressure on the players and then laying into them when the team doesn’t come home with a trophy.

I’ve never felt that this was a fair allegation however today I find myself ready to blame one particular paper for stirring up desperate controversy in a way that could certainly harm the team’s preparations for Euro 2012.

Today the Daily Mail has rehashed an old story about England’s new caretaker manager Stuart Pearce having a brother who represents the BNP. Since the spark for Fabio Capello’s resignation was John Terry being stripped off the captaincy due to charges of racism, the Mail has leaped on the opportunity to add to the discourse by tarring Pearce him with the same brush as his racist brother.

This is not only utterly unfair but also a completely outdated story. They are claiming that it is a “reveal” but it is little more than a rehash of a story from August 2008.

A full three and a half years ago, The People revealed that Stuart Pearce’s brother Dennis was running as a candidate in the 2009 European elections. Not only were his brother’s views completely unbeknownst to Stuart until the People’s story (“he had no idea”), Stuart immediately distanced himself from his brother’s political ideas, ”My brother’s views are his own and do not in any way reflect mine.”

The rehashing of this story by the Daily Mail can do little more than unnecessarily complicate the important process of finding a new England manager before the Euro 2012 tournament and cause harmful disruption to the team’s preparations.

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