New tabloid to Drop students in it


Hacks beware: the Oxford Drop, a new student tabloid, is coming to the University.

The tabloid promises to offer “fun, fast news” and “views that matter to you” and could launch as soon as this term.

The project’s founders have already begun recruiting for the project through Facebook and its affiliated titles.

The Drop is the next in a wave of student tabloids surging across the country,” its Facebook page claims,  “If you want a fun journalist experience, the Drop is the place to be.”

But students are divided over the news that a tabloid could soon be gracing their common rooms.

Keble JCR President Basil Vincent was pleased to hear the announcement: “I’d welcome the introduction of a new student tabloid in Oxford. As much as I enjoy the work of OxStu and Cherwell, I think there’s a growing tendency for the papers to become complacent with their journalism.”

Also among the Drop’s admirers is former News of the World  reporter and unashamed phone jacker Paul McMullan: “The best journalists in the world are those who write concise, high quality prose, which is  essential for the tabloids. It is fitting that Oxford University has started up its own tabloid, and it’s great to see that tabloids are still flourishing in spite of the fact that the national ones are biting the dust,” he said.

“The appearance of another paper would increase competition and encourage the existing publications to work harder to provide the incisive articles that students want to see,” he added.

However former OUSU Presidency candidate Alex “The Master” Shattock was less than impressed: “Quite seriously, publications like the [Cambridge] Tab embody the worst scrapings of student journalism: banter, fit college, laddish antics, sport: incidentally, all the popular bits. I hate humanity.”

Shattock went on to condemn the “fucking car crash” of online tabloid content: “The News From the Dark Blues…James Rothwell reports… what a joke, what utter shite. This sort of toxic mass-media drivel is the last thing Oxford needs.”

The project forms part of an increasing network of online tabloid titles – among them are the Durham One and the Exeter Drop as well as the Cambridge Tab, which has the seal of approval of former Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie.

The project forms part of an increasing network of online tabloid titles – among them are the Durham One and the Exeter Drop as well as the Cambridge Tab , which has the seal of approval of former Sun  editor Kelvin Mackenzie. Jack Rivlin, one of the founders of the project, said the team were “very excited” about the tabloid.

“We’re looking for a few people who are keen and want to enjoy themselves … there’s a lot of investment behind this project so it’s a massive opportunity for people interested in journalism or business to get some great experience and have a lot of fun,” he said.

Rivlin also implied the tabloid would galvanize competition between the student papers: “We set up The Tab because we were bored of the existing student papers at Cambridge. No offence to The Oxford Student or Cherwell, which are fantastic papers, but we believe students are more interested in reading news and views tailored to entertain or interest them.”


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