The Truth – Preview


‘The dwarves can turn lead into gold…’

The dwarves achieve the impossible by using the base metal to build the Disc’s first printing press and establish a newspaper. The story follows a young man, William de Worde, who through a series of happy coincidences ends up simultaneously editing the paper and attempting to uncover a conspiracy to overthrow the current ruler of the city. This play is first and foremost extremely good fun. If you are currently suffering from those fifth week blues and need something cheer you up, come and be entertained!

The author’s skill lies in using fantasy as a mirror into whichthe audience is invited to see a distorted reflection of our own society. When we translate this to the stage there is a danger that a character remains one dimensional, when he/she should be an expression of something deeper. Fortunately, St. Hilda’s is overflowing with talent and has enough experience to bring Pratchett’s wildly eccentric characters to life in all their glory. The casting is truly brilliant. In one scene we have the dry-as-deadwood, zombie lawyer Mr. Slant (James Phillips) whom we interrupt whilst he’s stitching his neck back into place… Two men enter and they are furious at being underpaid. The conspiracy has outsourced violence to these two professional criminals – Messrs. Pin (Peter Bradshaw) and Tulip (Rachel Watkeys Dowie). The latter represents a very basic expression of thuggery – as he simply likes hitting things (although, bizarrely, he has an art collector’s knowledge of antiquities). The former is excellently portrayed as a dangerously unhinged man who will talk about kittens and flowers one minute and cry for your blood the next!

‘The Truth’ promises to be an entertaining romp through the backstreets and alleyways of the most vibrant city in all the multiverse… Anhk-Morpork. From your seat in the Jaqueline-du-Pre building in St. Hilda’s you will be flown to a disc of a world propped up by four giant elephants on the back of turtle swimming through space. It’s just as well that there’s no limit to what can be imagined for nothing could conceivably contain Terry Pratchett.

Alvaro de Andres


The Truth is playing at JdP Auditorium, St. Hilda’s College on Sunday (19th Feb.) – 1400 (matinee) and1900, Tuesday (21st Feb.) – 1930


Tickets are £7 (£5 concessions) – Reserve online at

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