Exeter hope to make fortune from ball

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Students have been told their fortunes through pigeon post over the past few days as Exeter College distributed hundreds of Ball-related fortune cookies.

The new method of guerrilla marketing has seen the Exeter College “Carnivalia” Ball-branded fortune cookies appear in pidges in several colleges. Five messages, personalised to the Ball, have so far been gathered, inviting students to buy tickets for the event in Trinity Term.

Freya Hadrill, Committee Member for PR and Marketing, said: “The idea is inspired by one element of our theme – the Carnivalia Ball is rooted in the idea of carnivals from all around the World and the Chinese Carnival area particularly represents one of the most vibrant and well known aspects of global carnivals.”

“With so many balls out there and competition to draw attention to your own ball and sell tickets, it’s important to do something a little different. Promotional gimmicks can not only be entertaining and surprising but also a talking point – and that’s what we want – to get people talking.

“Even if someone who finds a fortune cookie in their pidge isn’t drawn in, they’ve got a free biscuit, so nobody is complaining.”

Vicki Arnott, a second year at St. Anne’s, said: “I think it’s a good idea. It gets people talking and it’s quite a novel thing to do.”

However, a first year at St Hilda’s commented: “It seems a bit gimmicky. You can’t deny it will raise awareness and it will get people talking for a while, but we’ll have to wait and see whether it gets translated into ticket sales.”


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