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St Anne’s has never been a touchstone of ancient architecture, but the latest addition to the college has still raised eyebrows.

The construction of a new kitchen in college means students will have to dine in a marquee next term, with the hall “out of action” until 7th week.

The changes mean formal dinners are unlikely to take place in Trinity, though the college has assured students that finals dinners will still be on offer.
Some meals will also be served on the ground floor of the Ruth Deech building.

Stanners have welcomed the advent of the “summer grub tent” with one 2nd year praising it as a “veritable revolution in our proud heritage of British cuisine.”
3rd year Emily Belton welcomed the temporary dining hall, saying: “I don’t mind it and I’m looking forward to a shiny new building.”

However she added: “Though when I’m doing finals I probably won’t be too impressed by it when I’m eating.”

When asked if marquees in general were “fun”, she responded: “not particularly.”

JCR Domestic rep Sam Richardson said he was “really not that bothered” about the marquee, as he expected the new kitchen to “revolutionize St Anne’s cuisine and make it so much better, as long as the college retains the capacity for dining it should be well worth the trouble.”

St Anne’s Bursar Martin Jackson said: “The marquee will be attached to the large dining area of the Ruth Deech Building, to provide adequate dining capability for the period 22nd April to 13th June, whilst the Dining Hall is being refurbished, not whilst the New Kitchen [is] being built. Thus, eating takes place in the Ruth Deech Building dining area and the marquee.”

2nd year Sam Prior also welcomed the marquee, speculating it might “bring students together under the collective sentiment of “what on earth are we doing here?””

Prior also noted that the marquee “would definitely make a difference and bring a new atmosphere to the college’s canteen.”
St Annes, which gained its college status in 1952, is not alone in its alternative catering arrangements.
Alternative dining is also known to be a common fixture at Wadham College, where undergraduates take meals out in the sunshine during the summer months, which according to one student led to “more relaxed yet still very industrious atmosphere.”


Photo credit: County Marquees


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