Religion on the march

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The professor in charge of the Centre for the Study of Religion in Public Life at Kellogg has claimed in a new book that equality and non-discrimination are being prioritised over religious freedom.

In the book, “Equality, Freedom and Religion”, Professor Roger Trigg discusses a “clear trend” of legal prioritisation of secular values in both North America and Europe.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, associate priest George Pitcher said: “Rather than whinge, we need to be a bit more robust about our faith. I’m not going to say it’s about time my fellow Christians got off their knees, but I do wish they would stop complaining that everyone hates them. Because it’s not true.”

Speaking on Tuesday, Professor Trigg responded by saying: “I never mentioned persecution, which is too strong a word in this instance, but it nevertheless appears to be the case that there is a side-lining of religion in the public sphere within the UK.”


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