Jamal’s closed over hygiene concerns

Enviroment officers shut down Jamals last Tuesday  for 24 hours after neighbours complained of mice.

Council authorities had discovered hygiene levels were so low that they ordered the Indian restaurant to close immediately.

Jamals was shut down by Tuesday evening but recommenced trading at 6pm the following day.

 Environmental Health Officer Richard Kuziara, from Oxford City Council, said: “We closed the premises because we found conditions that presented a serious risk to customers. The owner was co-operative and carried out the necessary improvements.”

He added: “They had to clean the place, sanitise and disinfect the premises, pest-proof the building and fill in any gaps. They had no hand washing facilities, they had disconnected hand washing basins.

“Any food made that could have been contaminated had to be disposed of and we watched them do this. And there was a requirement to remove any redundant equipment and rubbish.”

Authorities had closed the restaurant under section eight of the 2006 Food Hygiene Regulations Act.

Kuziara said: “At 3.30pm on Wednesday, March 14, we issued a certificate to say the risk no longer existed. The immediate risk to health has been removed.

“A closure like this is used in cases where there is an immediate risk to health, meaning that if there’s a potential to cause food poisoning and make someone ill we have to address that.”

Jamal’s had recently received a four out of five for hygiene from the council, but Kuziara said: “We will be visiting the premises regularly to ensure that the owners can demonstrate that food safety risks are adequately controlled.

“A business’s Food Hygiene Rating is based on conditions found at the time of the inspection and as a result Jamal’s will now be rated as 0 – Needs Urgent Improvement.”

A spokesman for Jamal’s said: “Our kitchen is now very, very clean and fully sanitised, no problem of anything. Our food has always been fresh and good service to all our customers.

“Our restaurant has always been very popular with students and we love all our student customers. We look forward to see you all at Jamal’s.”

One second year from Mansfield said: “I would certainly return to Jamal’s. The problem was fixed, and I can’t imagine any student’s own kitchen would score more than 0 in cleanliness.”

There have been no reports of illness caused by Jamal’s food.