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A senior official at Jesus College has been suspended, pending a disciplinary hearing concerning allegations of “misconduct”.

Home Bursar Dr Shaphur Patell will face the hearing on 17th and 18th May.

Peter Mirfield, Jesus’ Vice Principal, said: “I can tell you that the Home Bursar has been suspended pending an enquiry into allegations of misconduct. As this is an ongoing enquiry we are unable to give out any further details.

“The enquiry will be conducted according to the statutes and bylaws of the College.”

The Vice Principal told students via email that Dr Patell would visit the college last Monday “solely to allow him to have access to his papers”.

“Dr Patell will be occupying his office and he has been instructed that all communication is to be through myself or Amanda Jones, so nobody should seek to communicate with him directly. For this reason, the Home Bursary will be closed, for the period of his visit, so any business with that office should be conducted via Roisin Moriarty, who will be working in the anteroom adjacent to the offices of the Assistant Bursar and the Accommodation Officer.”

The Vice Principal added: “If you are contacted, it is obviously up to you as to whether you decide to cooperate with Mr Taylor [Dr Patell’s solicitor] or not. Should you decide to do so, please ensure that this does not disrupt your usual work for the College.”

Julian Taylor, who is understood to be Dr Patell’s legal representative, was unavailable for comment.

Mr Taylor is a solicitor who specializes in employment law.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police confirmed that no criminal charges had been made in connection with Jesus College.

One undergraduate student, who asked not to be named, told The Oxford Student that the Dr Patell “was considered to be a bit pedantic and a bit overly health and safety conscious”.

The student added: “There are lots of rumours flying around, as you can imagine they are quite damaging towards the Home Bursar. I wouldn’t say there was a huge amount of support for him but nobody is damning him because we’re just not sure what the allegations about him are.”

Jesus JCR President Tom Rutland declined to comment.

Another student, who also asked to remain anonymous, expressed surprise at the email the JCR had received: “I didn’t know anything about it, most of the college are quite baffled by the whole thing to be honest.”

A spokesperson for the University declined to comment.

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