Old Man Bridge’s college bop binge

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Somerville students were in for surprise as infamous middle-aged partygoer ‘Old Man Bridge’ turned up to their bop.

The man, whose real name is Simon Palmer, was invited by Somerville law student Krish Neelendra to their last bop of term, which took pace on 28th April.

Palmer is well known among the student body for his frequent appearances at nightclubs. He is said to have a bod card, which allows him access to many of the student nights.

The College bop sheet advertised the guest presence as “a surprise at the bop tonight”.

Neelendra invited him during a shared meal at G&D’s. He said: “All through the conversation, like a mouse eager to get out of his house, I impatiently searched desperately for space within our discourse with which to pop the question.”

He added that time spent at the bop was “a mystery for me, him and everyone else associated with us”.

Somerville Entz rep Barney Geddes-O’Dolan commented on the reception the guest received: “Students generally extended an uneasy welcome towards him. There was obviously no open hostility, but no signs of affection either.”

He said that the Entz team did not invite Palmer, and that they have “no specific means of inviting guests as the bops are primarily intended for Somerville students and their friends”, adding that “as far as I know, no-one in Somerville considers Old Man Bridge to be a friend”.

A Somerville second year student interpreted the welcome differently. He said that “everyone else was quite excited” about the guest appearance.

He added that Palmer attempted to engage in conversations about “intellectual things like politics”, and danced “conservatively”.

Old Man Bridge has been known to attend other bops in the past.


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